I often hear photographers say, “I don’t need a website I use Instagram .. or Facebook”. That always gives me cause for concern. You are going to trust your work to a company that can ban or shadow ban you in the blink of an eye! They display your images in tiny proportions with massive compression that kills image quality and they only show your images to those they choose as worthy. I know of a photographer who does weddings and maternity photos. She recently had her Instagram account blocked for 48 hours for showing nudity that violates Instagram rules. The “nudity” in question was a new mom bathing her newborn and everything was hidden by bubbles. To trust your online presence to these companies, is foolish at best!

As a photographer, you need a proper web site to represent your work in the best possible light. It gives you complete control over what people see and how your work is displayed. Getting a web site is not as complicated as you might think. There are a variety of services that provide a complete, easy to use website with your own domain and even e-commerce for very low cost. In fact if you are an Adobe Lightroom subscriber, included with your subscription is Adobe Portfolio which is just such a service. In fact this very web site on which you are reading this blog is entirely built on Adobe Portfolio which is already part of your Adobe subscription. They even have client galleries so you can provide a private portal for your clients to view the results of their photo shoot or event, Using their customizable templates you can have a professional looking site in very little time. In fact your Portfolio web site is fully linked with Lightroom. This is not a sponsored advertisement and Adobe has not asked me for endorsement. I just want to let my readers know that this capability exists and many of you who use Lightroom already have it! 
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