13 June, 2020

When the Covid lockdown hit in March 2020 a group of photographers entered into a "photo a day" challenge as a way to remain motivated during difficult and emotional times. Each morning a theme was presented and the photographers had 8 hours to come up with a creative interpretation of the theme. They would conceive, shoot, edit and submit their image by 5pm each day. In some cases the image was shot on film which added developing and printing into the schedule.

This glossy softcover book compiles the interesting, unusual and sometimes humourous interpretations of Canadian Photographer Jim Sollows. Each page tells you the theme along with a beautiful copy of Jim's submission. As you browse the pages you may laugh at Jims humour, while other images may pull at your emotions. Occasionally you may even find yourself puzzling to understand Jim's interpretation for a complex theme. We are sure you will enjoy this book as you browse the 45 days of Lockdown.
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