12 June, 2020

As Social Distancing became the order of the day and we found ourselves confined to our homes without work and limited social interaction, a group of photographers came together as part of a Daily Photo Challenge sponsored by Kerrisdale Cameras and hosted by John Roberts. The goal was to give participants an enjoyable photographic activity to combat boredom and anxiety.

Each day at 9:00am we would gather online to review the previous day submissions and to learn the theme for the new day. We had the remainder of the day to compose, shoot and post our submissions. This continued every day for 55 days. Now that restrictions allow us to carefully expand our social circles and businesses to reopen, the Daily Photo Challenge has come to a close.

The Daily Photo Challenge gave me reason to get up each day. It gave me something to look forward to and helped me to remain positive in a stress filled time. Oddly enough I will remember this time as one of the most photographically productive and challenging periods of my life!​

This last photo is one of the 55 images taken over as many days. The theme on this day was “reflection”. In this image I am reflecting on the images I’ve been creating each day as part of the Kerrisdale Cameras Daily Photo Challenge. You can see an album of these images by clicking the photo below.

You can see some of the images in the Lockdown Gallery and find out about obtaining a the book Lockdown!
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