We live in a digital age where technology is all around us and even in our pockets and hanging on us. Technology and specifically digital photography is wonderful but there is something magical about loading a camera with film. There are no computers involved except the one between your ears. Much like a potter who takes a lump of clay and then by feel they mold the clay with their hands into something beautiful. Similarly the film photographer, using nothing more than light, their eye and hands, molds the light into an image on film.

Josh “I love film, it’s so hands on!”

In our Film Experience Mentor program we teach you about film cameras, how to shop for one, what to look for and identify potential repair issues. We discuss film types and processing options. Lastly we take you on a photowalk through one of the most historic communities in British Columbia to experience film yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t have a camera because we have several beautifully restored cameras you can use.  We will even provide the film and take care of your developing. If you are interested in exploring film photography, contact me and lets see how I can help you.
Do you have an old film camera (rangefinder or SLR) sitting on a shelf or a closet that could use some love. Consider donating it to our Film Experience program. We rescue old cameras by servicing and restoring them. Then we put them into the hands of photography students who will enjoy them. If you have a camera needing a new home, please contact me.
You have a camera/lens that isn't working or just needs service .. where can you get it repaired? The problem is that most repair locations are in the USA or Europe. Shipping is crazy, turn around times are measured in months and quality is hit and miss for your precious baby. There are precious few in Canada that specialize in film & vintage cameras. Fortunately here in Canada we have Lens Medic YYC his service is excellent, prices are very reasonable and turn around time is exceptional. I've been a happy customer!! You can reach Gary via Instagram @lensmedicyyc
I’m often asked where students can get their film processed. My first response is to do it yourself but for many that’s not an option. Here is a list of BC Lower Mainland locations that provide those services. These are labs I have personal experience with and feel confident recommending. I know there are many others but I’ve not dealt with them so they aren’t listed here.

Kerrisdale Cameras
Vancouver, Langley, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Burnaby
35mm, 120, C41, B/W and E6

London Drugs Photo Lab
Multiple Locations
35mm C41 or E6
Note: they don’t handle 120 film or b/w processing

The Lab
35mm, 120, C41, B/W and E6 also large format

Rocket Reprographics Inc
35mm, 120, C41, B/W

ABC Photo
35mm, 120, C41, B/W and E6 also large format

Canadian Film Lab (mail in service)
Hope BC
35mm, 120, C41, B/W
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