Hidden Gems of San Lorenzo
Restoration of photographic glass plates capturing life in the quaint village of San Lorenzo, Italy, circa 1900
January, 2024
Escape from East Berlin
The harrowing story as Erika and Helmut escape East Berlin with the Minox camera in this photo.
December, 2023
Finn Slough
Nestled on the banks of the Fraser River is a very unique and picturesque little fishing village known as Finn Slough.
June, 2023
For many in the Emergency Services field, art is much more than a hobby or pastime! It's a life preserver!
June, 2023
Leica Freedom Train
This is a photo of a camera but not just any camera. This camera saved lives! A lot of lives!
June, 2023
7Artisans 35MM Lens Review
In mid October a lens arrived from 7Artisans. They had asked me to review their newest 35mm f2 lens for Leica M mount.
November, 2022
FlicFilm Black-White-Green Developer
FlicFilm has released a new developer with some interesting promises .. lets see what it's all about.
July, 2022
The Alexandra Lodge
Located on the old Trans Canada Highway through the magnificent Fraser Canyon of British Columbia sits the old Alexandra Lodge
May, 2022
Peek Into the Past Part 1
A mysterious roll of film is found in a Vancouver antique shop. Can the images be recovered? How old are they?
May, 2022
Peek into the Past - Part 2
How we were able to link the mysterious lost roll of Verichrome to the family almost 100 years later.
June, 2022
Mens Shed
Mens shed is an organization that lets retired men maintain social connections with other men through woodworking in their local Mens Shed
December, 2021
Radioactive lenses
Are we going to glow in the dark if we use vintage lenses. Many people shy away from old radioactive lenses. Are they really dangerous?
November, 2021
Amateur vs Pro
If you are a professional photographer, does that always mean you are better than someone who is "just an amateur"?
October, 2021
People Magnets
One of the many advantages of shooting with very old vintage cameras, is that they attract subjects for street portraits and so many great conversations.
October, 2021
Where Does The Memory Card Go
Hybrid photography is a term I coined to describe a unique blend of both film and digital photography. How does it work?
November, 2020
Social Media to Showcase your Work
Many photographers use social media options rather than having their own web site. Is this really wise?
September, 2020
The Journey Back
I started in film and walked away from photography for many years due to burnout. I came back in the new digital era but here I am shooting film again.
September, 2020
Lockdown (the Zine) is available
When the Covid lockdown hit in March 2020 a group of photographers entered into a "photo a day" challenge.
June, 2020
As Social Distancing became the order of the day, a group of photographers came together as part of a Daily Photo Challenge
June, 2020
Film Photographers Don't Edit
"Film photographers don't edit" really? Is there any truth in that statement?
June, 2020
Sharpness is a Bourgeois Concept
This statement was made decades ago by Henri Cartier Bresson. It's as relevant today as it was back then.
October, 2019
End on an Era
I've been a pilot for many years but this year brings a significant change.
September, 2019
Millennials and the Film Revival
We are seeing a surge of interest in film photography. It's being driven by the generation that grew up with computers.
June, 2019
It's ok to not go Pro!
Does being a professional automatically equate to a higher skill level?
March, 2019
Is Gear Important?
Can the right camera make you a great photographer?
February, 2019
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